The COVID-19 virus has had a profoundly disruptive and destructive impact on societies and economies across the globe. The crisis has compounded the challenges already facing vulnerable, resource-constrained Caribbean states which are also confronting the threat of yet another violent hurricane season.

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Event Documents

ICT Week 2020 at a Glance
4th Caribbean ICT Regulators’ Forum Overview
Provisional Agenda for Joint EC/GC Meeting

Presentations of the Joint EC43/GC21 Meeting

Mr. Gary Kalloo, ICT Policy Consultant, CTURegional Strategy for Digital Transformation 21st Century Government Project
Mr. Junior Mc Intyre, ICT Consultant, CTUConcepts for a Caribbean Digital ID Implementation Playbook
Mr. Junior Mc Intyre, ICT Consultant, CTUCaribbean IXP Proliferation and Enhancement Project
Loon LLC, USA:
Ms. Julie Kearney
Mr. Jameson Dempsey
Ms. Jeanette Kennedy
Recommended Regulatory Framework for the CTU and
Member States