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What is the CTU Caribbean ICT Roadshow?

The CTU Caribbean ICT Roadshow is a public awareness and education programme launched in 2009 by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) and designed to enable stakeholders to reap the full benefits of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). There have since been 23 editions of the CTU Caribbean ICT Roadshow in 18 countries, including non-CTU Caribbean countries. Each edition of the programme is crafted specifically to suit the needs of the host country based on stakeholder consultations with the overarching theme of “Harnessing the Power of Innovation – the Engine for ICT-enabled Caribbean Development”.

What are the objectives of the CTU Caribbean ICT Roadshow?

The 2018 CTU Caribbean ICT Roadshow initiative will continue to promote innovation in the use and adoption of ICT as an engine for all aspects of Caribbean development. However, special emphasis will be placed on raising awareness and educating on the principles of 21st Century Governments. The goal is to establish citizen-centric seamless Governments that are fit for purpose in the 21st century.

The main objectives of the 2018 CTU Caribbean ICT Roadshow are as follows:

    1. To present the principles of 21st Century Government and develop a roadmap, making it a reality in each Roadshow country;
    2. To build awareness among the public sector, the private sector and civil society of the innovative and effective use of ICTs in every aspect of Caribbean life;
    3. To foster innovation in the application of ICT to Caribbean challenges faced by government, the private sector and civil society;
    4. To encourage greater regional collaboration in the development of regional ICT policies and solutions;
    5. To promote the work, role and programmes of the CTU as a resource to the region;
    6. To support innovation and entrepreneurship in ICT business development


The CTU anticipates that the fulfillment of these objectives will lay a strong foundation for the development of information societies. The establishment of 21st Century Government will transform the public service, strengthen economic competitiveness and promote sustainable development.

In addition, all interested ICT experts are invited to contribute their expertise to future Roadshows by contacting the CTU here. contact us.

For more information Download full CTU Caribbean ICT Roadshow Brochure