What is the Caribbean Centre of Excellence (CCOE)?

Developed in collaboration with the CTU’s stakeholders, the Caribbean Centre of Excellence (CCOE) is a resource designed to provide dedicated training, technical assistance, expert advice and information on all aspects of regional ICT development to our members and stakeholders, which include regional regulators, governments, policy makers, private sector and citizens.

What is the objective of the Caribbean Centre of Excellence (CCOE)?

The rapid emergence of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) raised questions about how the new technology could be used to enable growth and encourage economic development. The need for regional governments and regulators to understand the implications of those new technologies prompted the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) to build regional capacity and provide technical assistance to meet these demands.

The CCOE aims to provide technical assistance and the expertise required to build capacity and the ICT sector on a regional level. To that end, the CTU’s experts partner with external ICT experts to assist with developing regional ICT skills, infrastructure, policies and strategies. The CCOE also leverages other projects of the CTU and its partners, including the Caribbean ICT Roadshow and CaribNOG, to build capacity in the public arena.

How does the Caribbean Centre of Excellence (CCOE) function?

Based on collaborations with regional stakeholders and partners, topics identified by members or raised by new technology, high-level training courses or technical assistance proprammes are developed with CCOE partners and ICT experts, to meet the customized requirements of regional clients.

Consultancies seminars and workshops have so far been conducted in the following areas:

  • National ICT Planning
  • Strategy and Policy
  • Spectrum Management Training
  • Internet Governance
  • Project Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Policy-writing
  • Network Audits
  • Government Network Design

Is there a cost to participate in the Caribbean Centre of Excellence (CCOE)?

While the cost of participating in the CCOE varies according to the programme, the CTU aims to keep fees to a minimum by partnering with experts from its own regional network and sourcing funding and fellowships.