Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Caribbean Telecommunications Union

Minister Responsible for Telecommunications:
Minister for Telecommunications Science Technology and Industry
Permanent Secretary: MR. ALLAN ALEXANDER
Telecommunications Officer:
Telecommunications Officer (A.g)
Contact Information:
Ministry of Telecommunications Science Technology and Industry
Egmont Street

Population: 117,848 (July 2006 est.)

Economy Overview

Economic growth in this lower-middle-income country hinges upon seasonal variations in the agricultural and tourism sectors. Tropical storms wiped out substantial portions of crops in 1994, 1995, and 2002, and tourism in the Eastern Caribbean has suffered low arrivals following 11 September 2001. Saint Vincent is home to a small offshore banking sector and has moved to adopt international regulatory standards. Saint Vincent is also a producer of marijuana and is being used as a transshipment point for illegal narcotics from South America.

GDP Per Capita: $3,600 (2005 est.)


Telephone Main Lines in Use:  22,500 (2005)

Telephone Mobile Cellular: 70,600 (2005)

Telephone System: general assessment: adequate system
domestic: islandwide, fully automatic telephone system; VHF/UHF radiotelephone from Saint Vincent to the other islands of the Grenadines
international: country code – 1-784; VHF/UHF radiotelephone from Saint Vincent to Barbados; new SHF radiotelephone to Grenada and to Saint Lucia; access to Intelsat earth station in Martinique through Saint Lucia

Radio Broadcast Stations: AM 1, FM 6, shortwave 0 (2004)

Television Broadcast Stations: 1 (plus three repeaters) (2004)

Internet Country Code: .vc

Internet Hosts: 94 (2006)

Internet Users: 8,000 (2005)