Saint Kitts/Nevis - Caribbean Telecommunications Union

Minister Responsible for Telecommunications:
Minister with responsibility for Youth Empowerment, Sports, Information Technology, Telecommunictaions & Post

Permanent Secretary:MR. LLOYD LAZAR

Telecommunications Officer:
Coordinator, National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission

Contact Information:
Government Headquarters,
Church Street

Telephone: (869) 465 2521

Population: 39,129 (July 2006 est.)

Economy Overview

Sugar was the traditional mainstay of the Saint Kitts economy until the 1970s. Although the crop still dominates the agricultural sector, activities such as tourism, export-oriented manufacturing, and offshore banking have assumed larger roles in the economy. Tourism revenues are now the chief source of the islands’ foreign exchange; about 40,000 tourist visited Nevis during the 2003-2004 season. Additional tourist facilities, including a second cruise ship pier, hotels, and golf courses are under construction.

GDP Per Capita: $8,200 (2005 est.)


Telephone Main Lines In Use: 25,000 (2004)

Telephone Mobile Cellular: 10,000 (2004)

Telephone System: general assessment: good inter-island and international connections
domestic: inter-island links via Eastern Caribbean Fiber Optic cable; construction of enhanced wireless infrastructure launched in November 2004
international: country code – 1-869; international calls are carried by submarine cable or Intelsat

Radio Broadcast Stations: AM 3, FM 3, shortwave 0 (2004)

Television Broadcast Stations: 1 (plus three repeaters) (2004)

Internet Country Code: .kn

Internet Hosts: 50 (2006)

Internet Users: 10,000 (2002)