Minister Responsible for Telecommunications:
Minister of Works, Physical Development, Public Utilites and the Environment,
Permanent Secretary: MS. LANA MC PHAIL
Telecommunications Officer:
Acting Director of Telecommunications & Legal Officer
Contact Information:
Ministerial Complex, Botanical Gardens, St, Georges, GRENADA 1-473-440-2410

Population: 89,703 (July 2006 est.)

Economy Overview

Grenada relies on tourism as its main source of foreign exchange, especially since the construction of an international airport in 1985. Strong performances in construction and manufacturing, together with the development of an offshore financial industry, have also contributed to growth in national output.

GDP Per Capita: $3,900 (2005 est.)


Telephone Main Lines in use: 32,700 (2004)

Telephone Mobile Cellular: 43,300 (2004)

Telephone System: general assessment: automatic, island-wide telephone system
domestic: inter-island VHF and UHF radiotelephone links
international: country code – 1-473; new SHF radiotelephone links to Trinidad and Tobago and Saint Vincent; VHF and UHF radio links to Trinidad

Radio Broadcast Station: AM 2, FM 13, shortwave 0 (1998)

Television Broadcast Station: 2 (1997)

Internet Country Code: .gd

Internet Hosts: 17 (2006)

Internet User: 19,000 (2005)