Belize - Caribbean Telecommunications Union

Minister Responsible for Telecommunications:
Minister of Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities Emergency
Chief Executive Officer: DR. PETER ALLEN

Contact Information:
East Block
Belmopan City
Belize C.A.

Economy Overview

In this small, essentially private-enterprise economy the tourism industry is the number one foreign exchange earner followed by marine products, citrus, cane sugar, bananas, and garments. The government’s expansionary monetary and fiscal policies, initiated in September 1998, led to sturdy GDP growth averaging nearly 5% in 1999-2005. Major concerns continue to be the sizable trade deficit and foreign debt. A key short-term objective remains the reduction of poverty with the help of international donors.

GDP Per Capita: 6,800 (2005 est.)


Telephone Man Lines in Use: 33,300 (2005)

Telephone Mobile Cellular: 93,100 (2005)

Telephone System: general assessment: above-average system
domestic: trunk network depends primarily on microwave radio relay
international: country code – 501; satellite earth station – 8 (Intelsat – 2, unknown – 6) (2005)

Radio Broadcast Station: AM 1, FM 12, shortwave 0 (1998)

Television Broadcast Station: 2 (1997)

Internet Country Code: .bz

Internet Hosts: 3,905 (2006)

Internet Users: 35,000 (2005)

Minister Responsible for Telecommunications:
Minister for Home Affairs & Public Utilities
Permanent Secretary: MR. CRESENCIO SOSA
Telecommunications Officer:
Telecommunications Director