Strategic Focus Areas - Caribbean Telecommunications Union

Policy Development

(IGF, Spectrum, CCOE)
Productive engagement with the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sphere requires a robust policy framework at the regional and national levels. As the primary policy development actor for the region, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) leverages the expertise of its secretariat, members and its partnerships with outside experts to provide guidance in policy development to its member states and stakeholders.

Capacity-Building and Awareness Raising

(ICT Roadshow, Spectrum, IGF, CCOE, ICT4PWDs, Ministerial Strategic Seminars, Regulators Forum)
Through a variety of projects and initiatives, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) works with member states and stakeholders to develop the necessary skill sets to maximize the benefits of productive engagement with Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). The CTU is also firmly committed to building public awareness of the potential impact of ICT on inclusive regional and national development. To that end, the CTU facilitates projects and initiatives, designed to enable every sector of regional society to reap the full benefits of ICT.

Project Coordination and Technical Support

(Spectrum, CARCIP, CCOE)
With strong relationships at the governmental and technical levels as well as with strategic partners, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) is well-placed to coordinate the projects necessary to provide Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) solutions at the regional and national levels. Various projects and initiatives form part of the CTU’s drive to ensure the harmonisation of approaches undertaken by its member states and stakeholders.

Technical Advice

The rapid pace of technological innovation presents a challenge for governments and organisations to keep abreast of the developments and to understand the implications for policy, legislation and regulation. The CTU supports its members by providing technical advice to ensure that they are able to use ICTs securely and in a manner that realises the full potential of their investments in ICT.


The CTU represents the Caribbean at various international fora, promoting and protecting Caribbean interests within the limits of its (typically) observer status. When necessary the CTU provides reports and advice to its members and stakeholders on proceedings and outcomes of Caribbean interest occurring at international fora at which it was represented.

Industry Watch

With the relentless advancement of technology, new opportunities and challenges are constantly emerging with myriad impacts and potential impacts on market dynamics and on all stakeholders. The CTU fulfills an industry watch role by scanning the technological and business landscape, researching and sourcing data in order to gauge and evaluate the evolution and potential effects of developments to inform and advise stakeholders for proactive, evidence-based decision-making..