Mr. Francis Trevor Prevatt - Caribbean Telecommunications Union

Mr. Francis Trevor Prevatt


Trevor Prevatt has provided general consultancy services to the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) since May 2010, including Contracts Administration services; Organisational Secretarial services to the CTU’s statutory bodies; and working on project tenders and with a number of international organizations on CTU projects funded by those organisations.

Following a decision taken in 2013 that greater effort must be made to make ICTs more inclusive in the Caribbean, Mr. Prevatt has been involved in building greater awareness about the role that ICTs can play in making the lives of People with Disabilities (PWDs) better and with greater empowerment and in working directly with PWDs. He is responsible for the CTU’s ICT for Empowering People with Disabilities programme and has been at the forefront of sensitising Caribbean ICT Ministers, their Permanent Secretaries and Technical Officers, and other ICT Stakeholders attending CTU meetings, about the role that ICTs can play in the lives of PWDs.

Mr. Prevatt has been the CTU’s principal resource in the area of ICTs for Empowering PWDs, having organised ICT4PWD national and regional workshops in Jamaica, Suriname, St. Kitts and Nevis and Grenada. Mr. Prevatt made a presentation ICTs for Empowering PWDs in the Caribbean at the Federal Communications Commission’s M-Enabling Summit Briefing Day for International Delegates. In addition, at Mr. Prevatt’s suggestion, the CTU sponsored its two Caribbean principal Workshop facilitators to attend the 2015 M-Enabling Summit in Washington, DC. He has been instrumental in bringing companies that offer state of the art ICT services for PWDs to the CTU’s Ministerial meetings in recent times. He is now exploring the possibility of introducing relay services to the Caribbean.

A Chartered Accountant of England and Wales by profession, Mr. Prevatt also holds a B.Sc. (Econ.) from the University of the Hull in the United Kingdom and has had a varied professional career.