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The ICT Week and Symposium – Antigua and Barbuda event has now passed. It was a great week filled with discussions around regional ICT issues.

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ICT Week and Symposium at a Glance
ICT Week and Symposium – event description
The ICT Week and Symposium include:
34th Executive Council Statutory Meeting Caribbean Stakeholders Meeting III: Cybersecurity and Cybercrime (Registration is now closed)
15th Caribbean Ministerial Strategic ICT Seminar (Registration is now closed) Mobile Money for Financial Inclusion (Registration is now closed)
Smart Caribbean Conference (Registration is now closed) ICT for Persons with Disabilities Workshops
Registration (Registration is now closed)
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Presentations for download
15th Caribbean Ministerial Strategic ICT Seminar: Day 1
Mr. Zhao Qing Huawei Building a Better Connected World
Mr. Oliver Gale Bitt Crypto Currencies: Supporting a Single Caribbean ICT Space
Mr. Robert Williams United Nations Blockchain-based Responses to the Threat of De-risking to Caribbean Financial Systems
Mr. Jose Sanin GSMA Mobile Money
ECO ECO Capacity Exchange
Ms. Bernadette Lewis Secretary General, CTU A New Collaborative Approach for funding ICT Development
15th Caribbean Ministerial Strategic ICT Seminar: Day 2
Mr. Doyle Gallegos World Bank Approaches to ICT Collaboration Among Regional Sovereign Countries
Incus Services


Assessing cyber risk: Demystifying for the board and the C-suite
Mr. Cleveland Thomas International Telecommunication Union Cyber Security: Collaboration
Mr. Garry Sinclair President Caribbean C&W Communications Mobile Credit Keeping Customers Connected
Global Integrated FinTech Solution The Way Forward for Cryptocurrency – A Barbados Perspective
Mr. Jerry Ferguson Twenergy Connecting the Next Billion
Ms. Avril Edwards Asst. General Manager Electronic Banking First Citizens Mobile Banking and the First Citizens Approach to the Management of the Electronic Channels
Mr. Shernon Osepa Manager Regional Affairs Latin America & the Caribbean, Internet Society The Internet of Things (IoT)
Mr. Selby Wilson Telecommunications Strategist, CTU Working Group Report: Digital Currencies
Caribbean Stakeholders Meeting lll: Cyber Security and Cybercrime
Mr. Shiva Bissessar Managing and Technical Director, Pinaka Technology Solutions The need for Developing a Cyber Security Ecosystem for Professionals
Caribbean Cyber Security Centre Caribbean Cyber Security: Not Only Government’s Responsibility
Mr. Ricardo Mason CARICOM IMPACS CARICOM Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Action Plan (CCSAP)


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