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ICT Week at a Glance
17th Caribbean Ministerial Strategic ICT Seminar – Overview
17th Caribbean Ministerial Strategic ICT Seminar – Provisional Agenda
Information for Participants
Speaker Guidelines
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Opening Ceremony

17th Caribbean Strategic Ministerial ICT Seminar

Internet of Things (IoT) – AWS

ICT4PWD’s Workshop


DAY 1:  Wednesday 26th September 2018
Time Activity Presenter
08:30 Master of Ceremonies
08:35 Welcome: The  Wireless Revolution: Making Connections – Accelerating Progress Ms. Bernadette Lewis

Secretary General, CTU

SESSION I: New Technologies for Overcoming Old Challenges

Moderated by:

Session Overview

Focused on the evolving technologies that are likely to be commercially viable in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, this session will address the goal of Caribbean Governments  in connecting the unconnected while at the same time increasing the resilience of its communications networks and facilitating the rapid restoration of services disrupted during an emergency.




Connecting remote and sparsely populated communities

Hon. Catherine Hughes



Building Resilience in Communication Networks

Hon. Kelver Darroux



Affordable access for all citizens


 Hon. Ellsworth Johnson

The Bahamas

Private Sector  Responses:  
09:00 LEOs and MEOs – Providing solutions for resilience and connectivity Ms. Mariah Shuman

Head of Regulatory Affairs. Americas
OneWeb, Florida, USA




TV White Space – Connecting the unconnected Mr. Graham Gilmour


Carlson More than the Last Mile

10:00 Q&A


DAY 1:  Wednesday 26th September 2018
Time Activity Presenter
SESSION 2: ICT Market Disruptions precipitated by Technological Innovation

Moderated by:

Session Overview

The technological revolution is expanding service delivery options which should result in the lowering of costs to the consumer. In the 1990’s the FCC in addressing the high cost of overseas calls argued that distance is not a factor in determining the cost of a call. Today many believe that the same argument can and should be applied to roaming charges in the CARICOM ICT Market.  The high prices of voice and data encourage the use of OTT services. As a result, service providers should see the evolving technologies as opportunities, take advantage of them and develop new business models for delivering more affordable services to citizens and increasing their revenues.

Government Perspectives: 11:00

Roaming should not exist on a Single Provider’s Network!

Hon. Melford Nicholas

Antigua and Barbuda


IXPs, OTT, Android Boxes –

Innovation must not be stifled!

Hon. Marlon Penn

British Virgin Islands

Private Sector Response:  

Not Business as Usual at Digicel

Mr. Alexander Matuschka

Group Chief Executive



C&W – The Way Forward

Mr. Magnus Ternsjo


11:40 Q &A  


DAY 1:  Wednesday 26th Septmber 2018
Time   Presenter
SESSION 3:Creating an Enabling Environment for New Technologies

Moderated by:

Session Overview

Given the rapid evolution of transformative ICT technologies, legislation and regulations will likely always lag behind. This natural lag should not inordinately slow the realisation of benefits to the consumer and progress towards ICT-enabled development. Amendments to existing legislation should be technologicaly neutral and assign more authority to the regulator to appropriately update their regulatory procedures and practices in order to respond to the changing technological landscape in a timely manner.  If our countries are to take advantage of the 4th Industrial revolution, then the political directorate must re-prioritise their legislative agendas as a matter of urgency. This session will explore how this can be achieved.



Technology Demonstration  
Government Perspectives: 13:15

Expeditious Updating of the Legislative Framework

AG Hon. Vincent Byron

St. Kitts and Nevis

13: 20

Encouraging Innovation through Regulations

Mr. Cris Seecharan

Trinidad and Tobago

Private Sector



Regulatory Reset

Mr. David Geary



Regulatory Reset

Mr. David Cox


13:45 New Regulatory Approaches for the 21st Century Ms. Linda Wellstein


Wellstein Mora Rodriguez International PC USA

14:10 Q&A


DAY 1:  Wednesday 26th September 2018
Time   Presenter
SESSION 4: The Downside of Technology

Moderated by:

Session Overview


While technology is an enabler for social and economic development, negative impacts result when technologies are inappropriately used. Social scientists are conducting studies which demonstrate that people, particularly young people, can become addicted to the technology. The effect of this addiction is reflected in their social interactions, behaviour and mental and physical development. This session will explore these issues and suggest strategies to combat the downside of the digital age and to promote more responsible use of the technologies.

14:30 Technology:The New Nicotine of the 21st Century Dr. Dianne Douglas


Douglas and Associates Ltd.

Trinidad and Tobago

14:55 Regulating the Digital Stream: Fake news and other challenges Mr. Cordel Green

Executive Director

Broadcasting Commission – Jamaica

15:20 Q&A  
15:35 Coffee Break
15:30 CTU TouchPoint – Networking Session
17:45 End of Session
18:00               Cocktail Reception sponsored by


DAY 2 :  Thursday  27th Septmber 2018
Time Activity Presenter
SESSION 5: 21st  Century Government for a  21st Century Digital Economy

Facilitated by:Ms. Kathleen Dyer

Session Overview

This interactive session will continue the rich discourse that started in January 2018 at the Summit for Heads of Government and consider the progress being made in some of the Member States. In the process, some of the challenges being encountered in advancing the 21st Century Government initiative will be revealed. The sharing of this information is intended to encourage participation and collaboration in taking the process forward in a timely manner. At the end of the session, participants can expect to  have a clearer understanding of what is required to sustain this effort for the benefit of the region.

08:30   Master of Ceremonies
08:35   Video Presentation
08:40 21st Century Government – Leadership Ms. Kathleen Dyer
09:00 Digital Government Transformation Mr. Ashish Uttamchandani Regional ICT Sales Manager Productive Business Systems
  Group Work
09:20 Establishing the Foundation and Building the Vision How the Region will Lead, Track and Maintain Accountability Growing the Public and Private Sector
09:45 Group I Result
09:50 Group 2 Result
09:55 Group 3 Result
10:00 Coffee Break
10:15 Technical aspects of 21st Century Government Mr. Kevin Khelawan


10:25 21st Century Tools Ms. Lisette Maxime Hernandez Territory Channel Manager


10:45 ICT Sousou Practicum
11:30 Wrap-up


  SESSION 6: Tools for Emergencies

Introduced by:

Session Overview

Many Caribbean Countries are at risk annually during the hurricane season. While we cannot totally isolate ourselves from the ravages of huricanes, especially a Category 5, we can adopt proactive strategies to minimise the disruption and to more rapidly restore services. This session will focus on looking at new technologies that can assist information flows during and in the aftermath period of a hurricane or emergency situation. It will explore how these technologies can be accessed and used in these situations. The session will conclude with a workshop to demonstrate how the application of data analytics can convert raw data into meaningful information to facilitate productive decision making.

12:00 Report of the Caribbean Commission on Communications Resilience CTU
12:10 Disaster tools Mr. Clark Menkes

Technical Program Manager Amazon Web Services


WORKSHOP: Data is the New Oil – Data Analytics Explained

Mr. Leslie Lee Fook


Trinidad and Tobago



  • 24 Sep 18 - 28 Sep 18