CTU’s 25th Anniversary

When:02.02.2015 – 06.02.2015


On 28th April, 2014, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) reached the historic milestone of 25 years since its establishment by the Heads of Caribbean Governments, as the regional telecommunications and ICT policy-making body.  We will be commemorating this event under the theme: Celebrating: Our Journey to ICT-enabled Development, with a week-long programme of ICT activities from 2ndto 6th February, 2015 that will culminate in the inauguration of CTU’s new Headquarters.

ION Trinidad and Tobago, hosted by the Internet Society (ISOC) Deploy360 – Detailed Agenda
Developing the Caribbean and Code Sprint, hosted by the Open Data Institute and UWI
Caribbean Open Institute website

Messages from Members  for CTU 25th Anniversary


St. Lucia


Turks and Caicos

Presentations for Download

Day 1: Caribbean Development in the technological storm – Developing a 21st century concept for Caribbean Development

Mr. Tim Unwin: Critical Perspectives on ICTs for Development
Mr. Garrett Quinn: Brainstorming discussion: Priorities and Opportunities for Caribbean ICT-enabled Development

Day 2: A Single ICT Space – Considerations for Developing a Caribbean Single ICT Space

Mr. Bevil Wooding: Elements of a CARICOM Single ICT Space
S.G. Ms. Bernadette Lewis: Developing The High Level Roadmap for A Single ICT-Space
Mr. Embert Charles: A Road Map to the Single ICT-Space
Mr. Ken Sylvester: Stakeholder Roles and Leveraging Current Initiatives for the Single ICT Space

Day 3: Internet Governance – The Importance of Internet Governance to the Single ICT Space

Ms. Cathy Handley: Leveraging the Internet for National Development
S.G. Ms. Bernadette Lewis: Caribbean Internet Governance
Mr. Rodney Taylor: A New Approach to Government led Infrastructure Development
Mr. Javier Rúa Jovet: A New Approach to Government led Infrastructure Development
Mr. Antonio Garcia Zaballos: Broadband as a catalyzer for development
Mr. Cleveland Thomas: Financing Infrastructure and Development in the Caribbean

Day 4: Expanding the Caribbean Cyber-Security Framework (2012)

Mr. Tony Ming: Cyber Security
Ms. Kerry-Ann Barrett: Implementing the Caribbean Cybersecurity Framework 2012
Mr. Sean Fouche: CARICOM IMPACS – Cyber Security
Mr. Cleveland Thomas: ITU Activities In Cybersecurity
Mr. Greg Dominguez: Cyber Crime and Security

ION Trinidad and Tobago

Mr. Chris Grundemann: Opening
Mr. Kevon Swift: IPv6 transition
Mr. Levin Cole: IPv6 Business Case and Challenges
Mr. Chris Grundemann: Closing

Day 5:

Mr. Arturo Muente-Kunigami: Open Data for innovation
Ms. Kim Mallalieu: Caribbean Open Data Scoping
Mr. Atiba Phiilips: ICTs as an Enabler
Mr. Nigel Henry: Open Data
Ms. Vashti Maharaj: National Open Data Strategy

Presentations of Working Group Reports:

The Single Caribbean ICT Space – 1st Meeting of ICT Clusters and Stakeholders

Mr. Carlton Samuels: Single ICT space Session Report

Establishing National and Regional Internet Governance Fora

Mr. Albert Daniels: The need for National Internet Governance Fora

Expanding the Caribbean Cyber-Security Framework (2012)

Mr. Sean Fouche: Caribbean Cyber-security Framework- Working Group Recommendations

  • 02 Feb 15 - 06 Feb 15