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Virginia, United States of America, (18th May, 2017)The Internet is an essential tool that Caribbean governments must utilise to serve their citizens and promote good governance, therefore it is imperative that they pay particular attention to its rapid evolution and leverage its full potential.” These were the sentiments expressed by Ms. Bernadette Lewis, Secretary General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) during her recent visit to the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN). The Secretary General met with the President and CEO Mr. John Curran, and members of ARIN’s executive team on 18th May 2017 at the ARIN Offices in Virginia, USA.

The CTU and ARIN are strategic partners in efforts to raise awareness and educate on the growth of the Internet and to support the development of policies for the use of the Internet’s resources. The CTU and ARIN meet periodically to discuss and plan collaborative activities for mutually achieving their respective mandates.

Mr. Curran, during the course of the meeting noted that “The Internet of today is not the Internet of the last century and in order to maximise the benefits of a 21st century, new Internet structures must be built to promote security and full access to all of its resources.”

Discussions focused on 21st century structures, particularly on the need for adoption of Internet Protocol (IP) Version 6 (v6), which enables devices assigned a numeric address called an IP address to communicate via the Internet. The exponential growth of smart devices has depleted the 4.3 billion addresses available in the current Internet Protocol Version 4.  With the continued growth of smart devices and machine to machine communications in the Internet of Things, IPv6 adoption is necessary as it will support approximately 340 trillion address. The 21st century Internet would also require adoption of Domain System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) protocols as these add a layer of security to the operations of the Internet.

The meeting concluded with the elaboration of plans for collaborative activities up to 2018. Mr Curran is committed to participating in the CTU’s 20th Caribbean Ministerial Strategic ICT Seminar scheduled for 20th September in the Bahamas which will consider the role of the Internet in a Single Caribbean ICT Space.

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PR 017.17 – CTU and ARIN: IPv6 Adoption is Necessary


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